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We see Upper Room Family Learning Cooperative as a lighthouse for this fallen world. A place of rescue, from the darkness, and perverseness of the broken public school system. The mission is to provide a safe place for children to learn, and grow in their relationship with God. Building up a community of homeschoolers, who are taking back their identities in Christ Jesus. We pray to be a seed planting co-operation for the Kingdom of Heaven. We are also here to inform and equip other churches, and/or communities how to of plant a school in your own area. The Lord told us we would be a blueprint for more schools to come. We have faith and are walking boldly with the Word of our Father, in our hearts.


●  We aren’t a school, instead we are a homeschool collective of families contributing time toward our children's education.

●  We don’t provide letter grades, instead we evaluate progress through unit assessments within our curriculum books.

●  We aren’t standards-centered, instead we are student-centered.

●  We don’t hand out report cards, instead we keep a portfolio of progression for each student and meet with parents regularly to review it.

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